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Hi everybody!

Many thanks for all the wonderful emails that I have received from all around the world. I am truly humbled by them.

Many of you ask if there is another book coming out this year. I'm sorry to say, no. The reason being, that after 22 years and 22 books, I have decided to have a year off. My agent thinks that I must have had a word with someone higher up as we had such a wonderful summer. it was lovely not having to feel guilty at not sitting in front of a computer, writing, with a contract to fulfil. I have cleaned out the garage and cupboards as well as having two bedrooms decorated, and doing the garden, which is my second love after writing. In between, I did write a silly play for my local WI group.

Now that the weather has changed, I feel I'm ready to start again. I have started to write a sequel to Hopes and Dreams as a lot of readers have asked me what happened to Dolly, and Penny after Dolly came back from America. I'm not sure if Headline, my publisher, will accept it, as they don't like sequels, but we shall see. If so, it could be out in 2015. I will keep you informed via my website.

Once again, thank you for all your kind comments.

Love, Dee. xx

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